Related Projects

The #metoo Digital Media Collection at Schlesinger Library is one of many projects invested in documenting #metoo and current events across the globe.


Atria, the Netherlands

Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and Women's History in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is committed to equal treatment and equal opportunities for girls and women in all their social and cultural diversity. Atria’s library and archives plans to collect social media related to #metoo on the Dutch web.

coded glass_03 i wont be silent.png

Coded Glass

Coded Glass is a new media project that blends code, art, tweets from the metoo movement, and Morse code.


Documenting the Now

DocNow responds to the public's use of social media for chronicling historically significant events as well as demand from scholars, students, and archivists, among others, seeking a user-friendly means of collecting and preserving this type of digital content. DocNow has a strong commitment to prioritizing ethical practices when working with social media content, especially in terms of collection and long-term preservation.

Jewish Womens Archive_logo.jpg

Jewish Women’s Archive, Archiving #metoo

Jewish women—and people of all genders—have #MeToo stories to tell, and the Jewish Women’s Archive invites you to share yours. The goal of this project is to create an archival collection to ensure that the breadth of Jewish voices and experiences is captured and preserved during this watershed moment.


Proyecto Cuéntalo

The Society of Catalan Archivists and Records Managers is engaged in a project to document the #Cuéntalo hashtag based on a participatory record-keeping model and trans-disciplinary approach. Proyecto Cuéntalo can also be found on Twitter.